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So Like...Who Even is This Brina Kay Person?

As I noted before, the previous intro was probably the hardest thing I’ll write for this blog because there was so much to cover. I did my best to make it cohesive and linear but I still want you guys to get to know me as a person. Here are ten random facts about me.

1. Lou Malnati’s Pizza is my absolute favorite food. I go there every year for my birthday and any time I visit home (often times before I even get my suitcase home.) Chicago Style Deep dish is the superior pizza. It's just a fact. I don't make the rules. Lou’s I’m ready to be your brand ambassador as soon as you give me the go ahead.

2. I am a shark week fanatic. I get really excited and I know many shark facts. I hope to go cage diving with great white’s in Australia one day. Sharks are just really cool majestic creatures and I love them.

3. Hawaii is my happy place. I’ve been there three times and to me it’s the most beautiful place on earth. I haven’t been back since 7th grade and I really need to go there again since I am over 21 now and can legally drink many mai tais. I plan to drink many mai tais.

4. I have a child, and by a child I mean I have a dog. She’s a toy poodle named is Pixie and she is the cutest creature to ever set foot on this earth, even though she is sassy sometimes.

5. I’ve never liked coffee. It's always been tea for me, and I prefer unsweet, which is a challenge in the south.

6. I’ve studied abroad in Costa Rica, Cuba and London. All were incredible life changing experiences. I have so many incredible stories I could write an entire novel on each trip. The long story short is, any chance you have to travel, take it. I promise it’s worth every penny.

7. I’m left handed. It’s a cruel world out there for us. Taking the ACT in our school’s auditorium was a nightmare. I also kick with my left foot when I played soccer.

8. Oh yeah, I used to play soccer. I also did cheerleading and was on my school's dance team.

9. Wicked is my favorite musical and it even inspired my graduation cap decoration.

10. I really would like to be on Dancing With the Stars one day, preferably dancing with with Derek Hough.


Enjoying High Tea at the National Theatre in London

Pixie Dressed as a Shark for Halloween

That Time I saw Derek and Julianne Hough

My Wicked Graduation Cap

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