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Let's Talk Love Songs

Happy Valentines Day y'all!

I took the time to gather some amazing love songs from very talented artists all over Nashville, and I put them together in a new playlist on Spotify to help take your night up a notch. Check it out HERE!

Love/relationship songs aren't really my thing. It's not a subject I write about a lot because it's never really been a big priority in my life. I DO have a song that made this list though, and I thought given the nature of today's holiday I might take some time to tell you more about it.

I actually sent this out to my email subscribers around the time the song was released, but I realized I never really broke it down for the rest of the public (which is a reason you should get on my email list!) This song comes with a very interesting story, a lot of symbolism, and even some accidental Shakespeare. Let's get into it.

The song I am talking about is called "Into the Sun" and you can listen to it on all streaming platforms HERE.

The Story

I wrote this song shortly after returning from a study abroad trip to London. I was studying acting at Shakespeare's Globe, and it was as cool as it sounds.

The truth is though, I didn't simply go on this trip to become a better actress or take an educational vacation. It really was about doing some soul searching. I was dealing with some heavy emotional turmoil in the aftermath of heartbreak, and I wasn't really sure what to do with myself. I was in a place where feeling happy felt like work; where the world felt like it had lost its color. When the opportunity for this trip came about, it was a hail mary attempt at turning things around.

Aside from learning and seeing some incredible things, I also met a really cool person who ended up playing a significant role in turning things around.

This song is less about being in a relationship and more about the impact a good relationship can have. Meeting and being with this person isn't the main focus of the story, rather, it's more about the positive impact it had on the trajectory of my life. One thing I don't want people to take away from this song is that starting a new relationship is the way to solve the problems caused by the old one. As it goes, 'I wasn't lookin' for someone to meet."

I'd consider it more of a song about the power of influence. What I want people to take away is that one small act of kindness, reassurance, or positivity can have a lasting impact on someone's life. You never know what someone is going through, and by simply being kind and accepting of them as they are, you could unknowingly be a light in their life that guides them toward a healthier path.

The Writing

One thing I noticed after the fact, was that I had unintentionally written the majority of my verses in iambic pentameter. I'd definitely say studying nonstop Shakespeare for a month played a part in that.

Iambic pentameter consists of writing five pairs of alternating unstressed and stressed syllables, and it's frequently used in Shakespeare's plays, like the famous balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet. So the rhythm ends up sounding like this:

ba-BUM / ba-BUM / ba-BUM / ba-BUM / ba-BUM

But, soft! / What light / through yon- / -der win- / -dow breaks?

("Romeo and Juliet")

If mu- / -sic be / the food / of love, / play on

("Twelfth Night")

With some variation, the majority of my verse in this song follows this format.

I bought/ my self / a one / way ti- / -cket seat

to find/ my self / some where / a cross / the sea

I wa- / -sn't loo- / -king for / some one / to meet

("Into the Sun)

Click here to learn more about iambic pentameter in Shakespeare's writing. There's a lot more to it and it's honestly pretty interesting.

Another fun fact about this song is that the line "and we're not slowing down tonight" is actually a nod to one of the first songs I'd ever written and had produced called "Never Slowing Down." I even explicitly say "Never Slowing Down" in the background vocals during the last chorus. I don't have "Never Slowing Down" on streaming platforms anymore because I've significantly improved myself and my productions since then, but it is still available on Soundcloud. I'd like to revise and rerecord it one day, but I included that line in this song, because "Never Slowing Down" is a song that I think captures the essence of who I am, my "old self" if you will. It was a way I hadn't felt in a while because of the loss I'd been going through, so when I say "we're not slowing down tonight" what I really mean is, "you're making me feel like myself again."

The Photoshoot

In literature, water often symbolizes cleansing and rebirth. It marks a new beginning, and I knew that was the visual I wanted to convey. My vision for it was "aphrodite rising from the sea" which is why I chose a nude-colored sparkly dress. I also liked the juxtaposition of wearing a formal dress in the water. To me, that illustrated a sense of freedom, which is what this song is about, finding freedom from the darkness of the past and starting anew. my expressions in the photos reflect the idea that I was being reborn and experiencing the sensation of the brightness and warmth of the sun for the very first time.

Here two photos that almost became the cover art, that I think really embody the meaning of the song symbolically.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn a bit more about why this song is so special to me. If you like it, please see if you can share it with at least one friend!

I've also just created a new line of merchandise. I haven't made the formal announcement about it yet, but if you're here, it must mean you're enough of a fan to care about where my song comes from, and that comes with perks!

Here is the shirt inspired by Into the Sun. Click HERE to visit the store and use the promo code: FANCLUB (all caps) for a special discount! It also comes as a tank top.

Happy Valentines Day!

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